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Our story

In 2006 we had the idea of combining Mystery Guest visits and training courses to create positive pressure for teams.

This idea began with companies in the hospitality industry. Our small team started out in October 2007. Our first clients were in our local region of Westland, but we began to grow quickly.

We now work for 400 companies and organizations throughout the Netherlands and beyond. It's not just hospitality companies who find value in what we do. Customer satisfaction matters in every sector. Our vision has always been to make a positive contribution together with the team to boost hospitality and results. Everything we deliver to our clients with our team, we do with passion, enthusiasm and the utmost commitment!

The quality and involvement of our Mystery Guests crucial to our success. Our clients all become ambassadors of Guest is King and are proud of how we work together. Guest is King has been around for 15 years. We and our team are more motivated than ever to keep developing our unique hospitality concept!

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