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Guest is King
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Our mission is to take companies and organizations to the next level. We don't do this alone, but in cooperation. Boost your hospitality and everything else follows!

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Carwash Westland

Carwash Westland

‘’The training was brilliant. Just today I saw a colleague waving at every guest who came in... so the message must have gotten through! Everyone has been refreshed!’’
Rederij Doeksen

Rederij Doeksen

“The training was very energetic, persuasive, and fun! There was an open and active atmosphere. It's a good place for new employees when starting  with us.”

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    Boost your company's hospitality with
    Mystery Guests and more!

    If you want to optimise your team's hospitality, Gast is Koning is the partner for you! Our unique approach allows us to hit the right notes with your company or organization.
    We have 400 clients in the hospitality industry, and businesses in other industries know where to find us as well - places like museums, shipping companies, supermarkets, bakeries and many other retail businesses. We'd love to start working for you! Over the past 15 years, we have developed a unique hospitality concept.
    The combination of training along with Mystery Guest visits creates positive pressure within your company or organization for an extended period of time! You never know which guest could be a Mystery Guest! Are you curious about what our well-trained Mystery Guests can do for your team?
    They examine your company or organization from a hospitality angle, as that's where our roots lie. We also add a number of secret tools to guarantee your team's success. What are you waiting for? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat and let us support your team with our unique approach.